Friday, July 01, 2011

Templates and

My latest hobby project is web site featuring a series of mathematics videos.
The videos are hosted on YouTube so I wrote a little script in Racket that generates one page for each video. So far I am quite pleased with the result.

In order for the result to look somewhat decent I bought a HTML/CSS design. Thus my usual approach of building web sites representing XHTML as S-expressions were a inconvenient.
Luckily I fell over the new (at least to me) templating library in Racket. It is is easy to use and well thought out.

Friday, August 06, 2010

New Scheme blogs?

Have you noticed any new (or old) blogs about Scheme, you (and the author)
would like to be on Planet Scheme, then leave a comment.

Back in business

This blog has been quiet for a while. Besides being swamped in work, the main culprit was Google's change of publication methods. Now the blog content is hosted at Google, but it
did require some DNS magic (a big thank you goes to my brother) to make sure all the old links worked.