Friday, August 06, 2010

New Scheme blogs?

Have you noticed any new (or old) blogs about Scheme, you (and the author)
would like to be on Planet Scheme, then leave a comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jens, I started writing a little bit more about Scheme lately. Not all of my posts are on Scheme, but some are. I'd love to have some of my entries on planet scheme. My blog is

Blogger Unknown said...

Aaron Hsu sometimes blogs about scheme

Blogger DerGuteMoritz said...

Dear Jens,

just thought I'd let you know about Chicken Scheme's new weekly digest of activities called The Chicken Gazette ( It provides an Atom feed at -- we'd be glad if you'd consider adding it to Planet Scheme!

All the best

Blogger DerGuteMoritz said...

Hello again,

thanks for adding the Chicken Gazette to Planet Scheme! Sorry, I don't know a better way to contact you, but could you somehow change it so that it shows the feed's title instead of the authors to identify it? That would be more informative and look better. Also, authorship of the Gazette is rotated so it is not a good way to refer to it.

Thanks again from the whole Chicken team!

Blogger Jens Axel Søgaard said...

Hi Moritz,

I changed the name to Chicken Gazette.

/Jens Axel

Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Jens!

I write about Scheme sometimes, and Wordpress lets me pull out specific Atom feeds for specific categories, so just my Scheme posts can be found at:




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