Monday, June 15, 2009

Planet Scheme Upgrade - Please check that your blog still works on Planet Scheme

Dear Planet Scheme Bloggers,

The software behind Planet Scheme has gotten a long due upgrade.
After writing your next blog entry, please make sure your blog entry
arrives correctly at the front page of Planet Scheme. (Planet Scheme
updates every 3 hours, so be patient).

Details: Before Planet Scheme used Planet Planet (but despite the
text on its web site, it is no longer maintained). The replacement
software is Planet Venus - which understood the old configuration
and template files with no (known) problems.


Blogger Andrew Whaley said...

Hi Jens, I've recently started a blog on my journey with Gambit Scheme to try and help create the perfect Web Development platform :-

Don't know whether you want to include it in Planet Scheme or not, but any publicity would be greatly appreciated.

Blogger Jens Axel Søgaard said...

Hi Andew,

I have added your blog to Planet Scheme.
Only posts with the label scheme will appear.
Next time you make a post, please check whether
it works. If not send me a mail.

Blogger Andrew Whaley said...

Thanks Jens - works fine.

Blogger Andrew Whaley said...

Hi Jens, I've noticed that Planet Scheme doesn't seem to be updating any more. I posted a new blog entry yesterday that hasn't been picked up and when I checked Programming Praxis that has 3 new posts that haven't been picked up.

Blogger alex said...

Hello Jens, I could not find a contact email on the Planet Scheme web site, so I am commeting here. I have renamed my blog and it's no longer called Ventonegro. Please change the name to Artisan Coder, and the feed URL to:

Thanks very much!


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