Monday, September 25, 2006

PLT Scheme Source Search Goes Live

An alpha version of PLT Scheme Source Search is now live. There is no bells and whistles, but the basic functionality is there. The source of all PLaneT packages and all builtin collections of PLT Scheme are indexed. The results link to the PLT Source Browser.

The PLT Scheme Source Search is the place to turn to, if you have questions like:
  • Is define or lambda most popular?
  • Who has the most TODOs in his source?
  • Are there any profanity?
  • Where is an example of local-expand?
  • Where is set! abused?
  • Is the number 42 more popular than 13?
The development of the search engine is described in these blog posts:
The next step in the project is to implement a disc based lexicon. Right now only the index is disc based, where as the lexicon is an in-memory hash table.